This blog is a work in progress. For complete information please check out www.pennerpumpkins.com or give Shirley a call at 204-371-5556.

The Scarecrow Forest was started because people wanted to do more than just pick out pumpkins at our place in the fall.  We had 10 acres of land and a couple of buildings so we knew we could provide something for people to do.  Shirley came up with the idea of putting Scarecrows in the forest and our first year was in 2009.  Every year since then we had added something new or improved an existing feature.  We have a zip line, a paintball target, pump duck races, a tractor train ride, and much more.

The Snack Shack was my grandpa’s workshop when he moved onto the property in 1976 and the barn housed cows back then.  The barn now houses the giant corn box and a big straw pile to jump into.  The building behind the barn was where John had his trailer company and is now used as a barn room rental for groups of up to 150 people.  The room is used for weddings, corporate parties, and birthday parties.

Another interesting fact is before 2009 the only animals on our yard was cats and a dog.  We now have 6 goats, 4 mini horses, 4 sheep, Silkie chickens, Americauna roosters, guinea fowl, leghorn chicken, two rabbits, 10 friendly cats, and one dog.

Every year we have different scarecrow scenes in the Forest.  Last year we did a nursery rhyme and fairy tale theme.  The day cares that came to our place loved the theme so we are going to be doing the same theme this year.  We are hoping to have a humpty dumpty in our Forest this year.  For more information check out our facebook page at:   https://www.facebook.com/thescarecrowforest or website at: www.pennerpumpkins.com.

Also on our site is a gift shop.  We sell honey, Sweet Cucumber Relish, Sweet Zucchini Relish, a variety of jellies ( a really popular one is my Cherry Bomb Jelly), toques, handmade cards, a very unique box (you have to come and check it out), play dough and a variety of other things.  This year Shirley and I are hoping to make Strawberry Jam and Strawberry Rhubarb jam.  If there is anything else you would like to see in the gift shop let me know.


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